Framed Blackout Blinds

Galaxy Framed Blackout Roller Blinds are the only system currently on the market that provides 100 % Blackout in your room.

The Bloc Framed Blackout is a Roller Blind System that is enclosed into a frame and when in the fully closed position does not let any light through whatsoever .

Galaxy Blinds are the only Bloc Blackout Supplier within a 25 mile radius and we offer a full measure and fitting service.

The way the Framed Blackout Blind works is the fact that the frame is fastened to the outside of the recess and secures just on the inside of the recess.

Due to there being no room for daylight to creep through, the Bloc Blind completeley BLOCking out the space  between the Window and the Installed Blind.

These Framed Blinds are very competativley priced and are fast becoming one of our biggest selling window blinds.

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