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American vertical blinds, or rigid PVC, are the vertical blinds of choice by Americans, believe it or not.

It is their sturdy and reliable design that has seen them used in the USA trouble-free for over two decades, and now, Galaxy Blinds brings you the exclusive Durashade PVC range, with all the latest styles and colours!

They’re the ideal choice for sliding glass doors, fixed frameless windows and other broad, tall openings and their sleek, modern appearance compliments a variety of décor styles perfectly.

Being extremely easy to keep clean, our range of rigid PVC window blinds is virtually maintenance-free, and all they’ll need is the occasional wipe down to get rid of any finger marks and dust.

They’re also weight and chain free – which makes them ideal for homes with messy children and clumsy pets.

You’d be surprised by how often we receive calls from people who need us to repair damaged slats and chains when the dog or cat has gotten tangled up.

American Blinds are also one of the most cost-effective ways to dress your window, with the satisfaction that they will last for years.

Like the rest of our window dressing options here at Galaxy Blinds, our Durashade PVC range is available in a plethora of different colours and fabrics – so you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are American blinds?

American blinds provide a practical alternative to traditional vertical blinds, offering the look of fabric window blinds without the upkeep.

With no weights or chains at the side – just rigid PVC, plain or patterned slats – these window blinds boast a clean look in virtually any room whilst enhancing child safety.

American vertical blinds are also available in blackout fabrics, which is great if you’re looking to control natural light and increase security at your home, preventing passers-by from being able to see in.

With various colours and textures to choose from, we guarantee you’ll find stylish American blinds for your home here at Galaxy Blinds.

Are American blinds suitable for my home?

If you’re looking to cover large expanses of glass – keeping unwanted light and attention out – our American vertical blinds are a fantastic choice!

Whilst most types of window blinds will allow you to control light, heat and privacy, American blinds combine practicality and style. They offer the sleek look of conventional vertical shades with the added benefits of durability and functionality.

Available in blackout fabrics, these blinds are ideal for bedrooms – especially if your little one refuses to sleep until it’s completely dark outside or you work the night shift and need to get some shut-eye during the day!

American blinds also have no chains or chords, which means you needn’t worry about your pets getting tangled up in them. And they can be easily wiped clean with a cloth to remove mucky fingerprints and dust.

To find out more about American vertical blinds and to see if they’re right for your home, contact Galaxy Blinds on 01744 453 300.

How much will it cost me to have American blinds fitted?

The price you’ll pay to have American blinds fitted at your home can vary depending on how many blinds you require and the size of your window(s).

For example, a larger window is likely to require more slats than a smaller one – costing more in materials and labour. If you only need blinds in one or two rooms, you can expect to pay less than someone who is having American blinds fitted throughout their entire house.

Other factors that influence the cost include your preferred fabric and colour, with custom options typically costing the most.

The good news is, here at Galaxy Blinds, all our American vertical blinds are made to measure. That means, we’ll make sure your blinds fit perfectly so they will last for years to come.

How soon can you fit American blinds?

At Galaxy Blinds, we aim to install American vertical blinds as soon as possible. However, as our products are made to measure, we need to allow for manufacturing time.

The first step is to book an appointment with our team. This will allow us to find out more about your requirements and to measure up for your new American blinds. During this consultation, we’ll show you samples of the different colours and fabrics available, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Once we know exactly what you want and need, we can order your blinds. Then, taking into account our availability and manufacturing times, we will provide an estimated timescale, so you know when to expect our fitters to come and install them for you.

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